"The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude."
-Julia Child

Who am I?

You know those people who can spend hours on end “wasting time” not on facebook, but food blogs. Those people who would rather flip through the pages of a cookbook than the latest Vogue. The ones who you send to the supermarket to pick up milk and they come home with the strangest items you didn’t even know existed. The type that when they’re eating breakfast are already discussing plans for dinner… Well I am one of those people and I take pride in it.

I love food. Truly fascinated. It’s the one thing in the world that no matter where you’re from, what you look like, what language you speak… A great dish will make you smile.

So I welcome you to join me as I leave my mom’s kitchen and embark on my own culinary journey to be the one to always serve that “great dish”. I have begun culinary school in Jerusalem, one of the best cities in the world for the food industry. With people coming from all walks of life to this one place, the flavors, colors, aromas, etc. are never ending. There’s always more to taste test and always more to experiment.

And the  best part is… everything’s kosher.


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